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All about the progress of the work

Our team of builders is hard at work on the most ambitious real estate project in downtown Montréal! Stay tuned for more developments.

The information on this page is updated regularly. Discover the latest news from the construction site!

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Our site crew began pouring the 18th floor slab during the last week of October. By the end of December, we expect to complete the casting of the 25th floor.

The two cranes that will support the concrete structure have now been installed, and work has begun on the building’s outer envelope.


Casting of the 8th floor will begin the first week of November. We expect to complete the casting of the 15th floor by the end of December.

In the coming month, we will install the second crane, which will complete the structural work on the building.

Starting in January 2022, we will begin work on the building envelope.

  • • Phase 1 on sale. Occupancy 2023.
  • • Phase 2 on sale. Occupancy 2024.