The highest residential tower in Montreal

Featuring the highest residential tower in Montreal and the largest mixed-use residential project in Quebec, Maestria Condominiums dominates the city’s urban landscape.

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Phase 2 available for presale

The highest residential aerial skybridge in Quebec

With its two 58 and 61-storey aerial towers and their sublime common areas connected by the highest suspended skybridge ever built in Quebec as part of a residential project, Maestria Condominiums puts you front row centre overlooking Place des Festivals.

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1 min

Quartier des Spectacles

3 min
1 min

Place-des-Arts Station

6 min
2 min

McGill Station

14 min
8 min

McGill University

20 min
7 min

Photo credit: Concordia

Concordia University

32 min
17 min

University of Montreal

34 min
18 min

HEC Montreal

12 min
7 min

Photo credit: UQAM © Michel Brunelle


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5 min

Bell Centre

Unique location

Live in the upper echelons of Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal. Enjoy a unique location at the crossroads of culture and the arts – the largest concentration of museums, theatres and galleries in North America – near major academic institutions and the Place des Arts metro.

More than 40,000 sq. ft. of common areas

Plenty of green space, a commercial centre, cultural, recreational and sports facilities, magnificent common areas on the 26th floor connected by a fully furnished skybridge featuring unique views of Place des Festivals and its surroundings... Maestria offers an unparalleled living environment.
Discover the living areas
Dining room
Fitness room
Pools and spas
Virtual golf room
Creative studio
Business centre
Film screening room
Games room
Car wash
Bicycle space
Discover the living areas

Be the master of your own home

Maestria offers more than 1,000 studios, condos and penthouses that feature contemporary and spectacular interior architecture. A luxurious and cosy setting, worthy of a private loge! This is where you, the master, rule.
Once the curtain falls, silence. A life-size work of art, luxury in the smallest of details. Welcome to your own personal art gallery.
Who said black and white were boring? Understated tones and noble materials contrast with the excitement of the neighbourhood. A timeless signature that evokes calm and purity.


Your very own tailor-made museum

The most coveted project in Montreal

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