Maestria Condominiums | Project


The highest residential tower in Montreal


With its two 58 and 61-storey aerial towers connected by the highest suspended skybridge ever built in Quebec, more than 40,000 sq. ft. dedicated to prestigious common areas and a unique location at the crossroads of culture, the arts, major academic institutions and the metro, Maestria Condominiums transports you high above the city.

The mastery of
art and beauty

The Maestria project stands out in the cultural and architectural landscape of the city. The two project towers are visible from the Jacques Cartier Bridge, the Quai de l’Horloge and even the Champlain Bridge! These two towers are linked by an aerial skybridge that offers unparalleled panoramas of the city centre and the St. Lawrence River, while placing you front row centre in Place des Festivals.


Featuring harmonious architecture, Maestria is somewhat reminiscent of a symphony. Two asymmetrical towers add fluidity and movement to the entire structure.

Architecture designed
using the mythical golden ratio

Inspired by the architecture in the largest cathedrals of the Renaissance, Maestria draws its essence from the proportions of the golden ratio. Renowned as a principle offering the most beautiful aesthetic measure, this « divine proportion » has long been associated with the concept of the ideal, in regard to beauty and especially harmony.


The idea of the golden ratio is visible in the Maestria logo, which also recalls Leonardo de Vinci’s celebrated Vitruvian Man Bas Relief Wall Sculpture.